FUCHS MHL365 Electronics repair

100% free diagnosis.

No hidden costs or catches in the terms and conditions.

If you don't decide to use our services, you won't incur any costs and the equipment will be returned to you at our expense.

How does it work?

1. You send us your defective equipment (speedometer, monitor, control device, panel, electronics, etc.) - Click here to get the shipping form as a PDF for 

2. You will receive an offer from us - verification and cost estimate are free of charge

3.a). If you will accept our offer and cost - we will continue with the execution of the order. We give 2 years warranty on our repairs.

3.b). If you find that the price is too high or that you simply change your mind - we will send the defective equipment back to you at OUR expense without asking any questions. You don't pay any fees.

Most customers choose to have it repaired because the quality of our services is of the highest level.

Customer satisfaction comes first. If you change your mind, we will send the defective device back to you at our expense, without asking any questions.

We give you our GUARANTEE!

Would you like to use our services or do you have any questions?

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Instrument cluster monitor repair in the event of partial / complete failure

Display dark.

Pixel defects.

Display flickers.

Analog displays without function.

Motor hours - Wrong value.


For other defects, please inquire.